We are French bakers trained in patisserie, with over 10 years experience,

We have been running Nai bakery from 2013 in the UK.

Nai Bakery is a Home-based bakery 🏡 awarded 5 Stars via the Hygiene standards scheme under Birmingham council. Please feel free to check their website.

All fillings are homemade using chocolate only not buttercream💕

All our ganaches are made using Callebaut Belgian finest chocolates.

Allergies; notice our products contains dairy and nuts, even though the macarons and the environment we bake the macarons are gluten free we cannot guarantee you 100% that it would be suitable for customer with higher sensitivity to gluten.

We package the boxes with a balance of packaging materials which we have tested to locations like Yorkshire, London etc…
All boxes arrived undamaged using Royal Mail as they are the most safeguarded carrier.

We know issues do happen so please do not hesitate to contact us if an issue do arise but please do keep in mind that you also must contact Royal Mail to open a complaint.

Rest assured we will always have our customer’s best interest at ❤ and do not hesitate to contact us we’re always here to help.

Nai and Sophie, Our Instagram @nai_bakery

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